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Venue Introduction

For event - 2016 Chinchilla Show

Dates for the 2016 Show:

20th - 21st May

There is No entry before Sunday the 15th and you must leave by noon Monday the 23rd - or pay extra fees direct to Show Society Groundsman.


  • Stables - $20/stable for the duration of the show 
  • Yards - $20/yard for the duration of the show. 
    • Please refer to map prior to booking and choose the correct yard for you, as there are different sized yards.
    • Yards not marked “single” are large and can be used for multiple horses if you wish, with just a per yard rate being charged, not per horse.

  • Camping - $20/campsite for the duration of the show - Must have rego number of vehicle

Please note - Due to the construction of a large council drain prior to the 2015 Show, the camping areas have significantly changed. 

·         There is now very limited camping behind the stables;

·         Increased camping space in front of the stables (as the front drain has been filled in);

·        Camping areas along the eastern fence have also reduced in size.  

There are NO stables available for locals residing in the Chinchilla district.    

**Fees are non-transferable from previous years (if you paid but did not attend), and non-transferable to next year's show.  

However, payment will be refunded if stables are cancelled before the 1st May.