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A fast, efficient transaction process is only a mouse click away with our innovative, online payment system.

  • Easy Event Promotion and Advertising
  • Easy Competition Draw
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Easy Regulation of Entries and Guaranteed Payment
  • Easy Results Viewing

Simplify your event nominations

Participants can enter anywhere; all you need is access to the internet. You simply log on to the Nominate web site, view schedule and enter your details any time up to the chosen event closing time on the date nominations close.

Reduce your workload

The administrative workload of the competition organiser is greatly reduced. Participants details and payment are received and processed into a provisional draw by Nominate.

Reduce your administrative cost

Placing your event on the nominate.com.au system is both simple and cost effective. Considering the cost of envelopes, postage, writing cheques and above all, labour, our small processing fee makes this system not only time effective, but also highly affordable.

Promote your event

Nominate.com.au also acts as a wide reaching promotional tool displaying all events throughout Australia that are part of the ‘Nominate’ network. Nominate.com.au has a specifically designed ‘venue’ page allowing organisers to enter details of their venue providing immediate promotion for the event and also the venue for future competitions.
The site also has a dedicated ‘competition’ page profiling the details of each individual event. This page also has facilities for banner advertisements providing a link to the advertiser and may be used as a major draw card when attempting to secure much needed sponsorship.

View your results

Following the event, a full results rundown can also be viewed on the web site.


Security has been a primary consideration of the web site. All pages that contain personal information are encrypted. This means that all pages containing your details start with https.
If you are an event organiser, you will be pleased to know that the web site will not process transactions unless the credit card payment is accepted, effectively eliminating the problem of dishonoured cheques.
You are guaranteed of full site security as the only people with access to your web page are those with the user name and password.