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Venue Introduction

Please Note:
Bookings are calculated per day. If you are leaving the venue prior to 6am, please put your departure date as the day before. Stables being used after 6am on the departure day will incur another day's hire fee. Stables will not be unlocked prior to 6am on the arrival day.


·         Individuals use this facility at their own risk.
·         All users are to be considerate of other users.
·         All facility users are responsible for their own safety equipment and it is recommended that a safety helmet and suitable riding boots are worn.
·         Take care of our little ones and ensure that unmounted children under ten years of age, are not in the arena when horses are present.
·         Riders under the age of 16yrs MUST have an adult present
·         Biosecurity is essential for everyone's safety, so a HORSE HEALTH DECLARATION must be completed FOR EVERY HORSE bought onto the Allora Showgrounds EVERY TIME.

You agree that all manure deposited by your horse whilst at Allora Showgrounds is picked up and deposited in the designated manure disposal area provided. This also relates to any rubbish including bailing twine or food or drink consumables that you use also.  Rubbish bins are located around the Venue.  Unfortunately, failure to comply with manure and / or rubbish removal may result in a cleaning fee being charged.