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Membership requirements to join Huapai Pony Club:

  • Assist, or arrange for assistance at a minimum of 5 Working Bees (see working bee schedule) and complete 2 Kitchen Duty Twice throughout the season - either at Rally or shows.
  • The working bee levy is bond payable upon the first year of joining and if the obligations are not met in the previous season it will be payable the following year at registration.
  • Assist with putting out and pulling in equipment at Pony Club rally as requested at the start of rally by either the head coach or your childs coach.
  • Abide by the Pony Club rules and Health and Safety regulations of the Huapai Pony Club, branch of the Kumeu District Pony Club.
  • I agree to attend 60% of all rallies if i am a riding member.
  • Members cannot ride on their own, regardless of age (there must be a second person either on the ground or riding).
  • Only paid up members or ground members are allowed to ride on the grounds.
  • At rally or riding on the grounds, members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (over 18).  At least one person must have a cellphone with them.
  • Members on the grounds, accept club activities are at their own risk and that the club accepts no liability for persons, lilvestock or property lost, stolen or damaged.




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