Registration Information

Te Atatu Pony Club - General Information

For existing members of Te Atatu Pony Club

Existing members of Te Atatu Pony Club wishing to register for the new season should Login as a Club Membership, and select RENEW MEMBERSHIP.

Don't forget you need to hand in your signed grazing application and terms & conditions for the new season:

2020 2021 Grazing Application

2020 2021 Grazing Terms & Conditions

We are currentlly welcoming enquiries for membership from riders under 25 (with associated grazing) for next season 2021-2022.

May 2021: Our winter grazing spaces are currently full.  If you are interested in membership with grazing please get in touch so that we can contact you again for next season, or earlier if our situation changes.

Last season (2020/2021) Te Atatu Pony Club had two rides (progressing and senior), and two coaches, for the 2020/2021 season.  We wlll reassess the number of cocahes and rides for the 2021-2022 season closer to the season start in October.  

Each ride is coached at our Thursday evening rally and can have a maximum of 7 riders in it. We have set this as the maximum number of riders per ride to ensure our coaches and their riders get the best out of their time together.

If you are interested in joining our club then please email teatatupony@gmail.com and we will set up a grounds visit for you as the first step in organising membership.


New members process when space available:

The process is quite intuitive but if you need detailed instructions you can find them in this TAPC New Member Registration in Nominate User Guide

Before Submitting your Membership Application

Email us on teatatupony@gmail.com and organise a site visit where we can show you around the grounds, explain how pony club works and the commitment involved, and learn more about you, your horse and your rider's coaching needs.

If you're happy after your visit that Te Atatu Pony Club should be your next step, and you require grazing on site to join, then complete and give/email your signed grazing application and terms & conditions forms to us:

2020 2021 Grazing Application

2020 2021 Grazing Terms & Conditions

Once our Committee have reviewed it and can confirm to you when grazing is available, you should submit your membership application using Nominate.  You may be asked to come along to a Committee meeting as part of submitting your membership application. 

Grazing at Te Atatu Pony Club

Although we welcome riding members who have grazing elsewhere, the logistics of having a pony club in an urban area of Auckland mean that usually all our members graze on the grounds during our rally season.  The conditions and capacity of the grounds for grazing limit the number of horses we can offer grazing to.  This number varies year by year and season by season and sits somewhere between 12 and 20.  This is why your grazing application needs to be approved by our committee before your application for membership is submitted to us.  You also need to be aware that not all members who have grazing over summer can be offered it over winter.  Grazers may be asked to find alternate grazing over the winter months - with adult grazers (if we have any) being asked to find an alternative before riders under 25, and then using a last on, first off approach with under 25's horses.


As a small pony club, our focus is on youth members (those under 25) who can participate fully in NZPCA activities.  On occasion we may offer adult membership if capacity allows but this will be at the discretion of the committee as we do not currently have an organised adult ride.  We offer the following types of membership:

  • riding member under 18 (must be accompanied by an adult member)
  • riding member 18 - 25
  • adult member (parent or guardian) accompanying a riding member under 18 - every member under 18 requires an accompanying adult member.
  • adult member (no association with a riding member 18 - 25)

All adult members are required to join our committee and fully participate in the running of the club and grounds maintenance.

Rallies and Coaching

The pony club season is October to April (pretty much daylight saving hours).

During the season, our rally nights are on Thursdays from 6-8pm.  Riders must wear correct pony club uniform to rallies and bring the appropriate pony club manual.

As part of being a pony club riding member, you gain access to around 20 rally-coaching sessions. During this time, you can expect to cover the practical and theoretical basics of learning to work with your horse, establishing good dressage and jumping, moving towards (for those who are keen) a range of competitions. Our coaches keep a close eye on the development and practice of our members and encourge them to work through the pony club syllabus, obtaining certificates. We like to have fun, and provide a positive, supportive environment for riders and families.

Members are allowed to invite other coaches onto the pony club grounds for additional private coaching outside of rallies.

At Te Atatu Pony Club many families stay after the rally and have a shared meal. Non riding siblings are welcome.